Pulled Pork

 I've been talking about it for a couple of days now, so finally here is my recipe for pulled pork. WARNING, Rule Breaking in Progress. Unlike tradition classic "real" pulled pork, this is not smoked. I simply don't have a smoker and while slow grilling works very well, this oven or slow cooker method is great on a nasty winter day when you just gotta have some pulled pork.

Pork Butt - 3-6 lb in the market 8-10 lb from the box stores
4 tbsp Dad's Rub
4 tbsp Salt
4 tbsp Brown Sugar
   *** for the smaller roast, 3 tbsp each should be enough***
BBQ Sauce
Cole Slaw
1-2 cups Apple Cider
1 Large Onion Sliced into Rings
Sliced Apples - optional
1/4 cup Cider Vinegar - optional
Favorite Crusty Rolls, I love Bulkie Rolls

Dad's Rub

Dad's Rub is just my own little spice blend that i use for grilling and sauces and all sorts of other places.

It is simply
2 parts Chili Powder- the "Hot" Mexican on the market shelves usually isn't too spicy.
1 part each
- Black Pepper
-Cayenne Pepper
-Garlic Powder
-Dry Mustard Powder

Night before, whisk together salt , brown sugar, and Dad's Rub in a bowl large enough to roll your pork butt. Roll the pork and make sure to rub the rub well into the meat, especially all thoss little openings. Wrap in plastic and store in fridge (clean bowl to catch any leakage) overnight.

In either a slow cooker or roasting pan, layer the onions and apples if using and pour enough cider and vinegar to cover about 1 inch from the bottom. Place the pork, fat side up on top of the onion bed.

Because ovens and slow cookers can vary greatly, these times are approximate. Use a meat thermometer to check for 170 degree internal temp on the thickest part of the meat not touching the bone. Slow cooker on low for 5- 6 hours fora 5-6 lb roast, more time may be necessary for larger butts. Oven on 300, roasting pan covered 4-5 hours for 5-6 lb roast, 5-6 hours for 7-8 lb pork butt. Either method, the pork butt is cover and self bastes and steams in the cider.

*** As the fat melts, you may need to remove liquid with either a baster or label as necessary, save liquid***

Remove carefully from the cooker or pan into a bowl big enough to pull apart with two forks. You can discard any excess un-melted fat or slurp on it when nobody is looking. Use some of the remaining liquid or reserve liquid to keep the meat extra moist if desired.Personally, i LOVE the onions and apples left in the pan right on top of my sandwich or on the side. You can discard if your not brave enough.

On the roll, top the pork with BBQ sauce and some slaw. Yum Yum Yum!



  1. I made pulled pork for the first time this year and tried it two different ways...one low and slow in the oven, and one in the crockpot. I liked them both. Yours sounds delicious and I particularly like those rub ingredients!


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