Great Mexican Food in Bristol, RI

     While wifey & i were running all the errands, we finally manged to stop in at Nacho Mamma's in Bristol, RI. They've been open for a while now, year and a half or so, we just haven't got there.... Our Loss! Since we've moved home from Arizona, we are always looking for good Mexican, and while we have found a couple of places, nothing quite as fresh or tasty as Nacho Mamma's. My wife enjoyed shrimp tacos with a great salsa verde and i had to dive into the steak tacos with classic pico, another fine choice, and you can forget about the hard shell - soft shell debate.The owner Mike grills fresh flour tortillas for his tacos, and you really get the best of both worlds. Mike was also telling me that he will only use fresh & that's why there were no fish tacos available, they didn't have what he wanted, up to his standards. We also split a basket of chips & salsa. Is it wrong not to get full blown nachos at a place called Nacho Mamma's? When Mike says hot or extremely hot, he means it. the x-hot was a really great blend do of habanero, mango & "some other stuff." Can't blame him for not giving it all up. Anyway, if you're hungry, in Bristol, (worth the trip from anywhere really) stop in and treat yourself!


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