Chicken Salad

     Still following up on the Elks Dinner, i was asked a couple of times "What's in the Chicken Salad?" No trade secrets, i'm here to share. Nothing out of the ordinary, just my own little twist. because of the two day cookathon, these are eyeball measurements to taste. I am cutting back to family proportions also, but feel free to triple for your next big meal.

2 Grilled Chicken Breast halves - about 1 pound - diced to your preferred chunkiness
Mayonnaise - about a half cup
1 tbsp Dijon Mustard
1 Small Celery Stalk - finely diced - about 3 tbsp
1 heaping tbsp Sweet Pickle Relish
1 tsp black pepper
Dash of Salt
Dash of Celery Salt

     Unlike the my Cole Slaw, i put the chicken in the bowl first before i mix in the dressing. That way i can control the wetness by mixing in the mayonnaise slowly. Some folks like it drowned, but not me. I want to taste the chicken. I put a link in the ingredients to my chicken marinade for grilling, or if you can get your hands on some Portuguese Pimenta Moida, just mix the pepper spread with beer, black pepper and garlic powder for another tasty twist, no need to add salt with the Pimenta Moida.

Serve on top of salad or your favorite crust role.


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