Why Haven't I Cooked All Week?

     It's Tuesday, and I am just settling into my normal routine after a 4 day trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Prior to the trip, we cleaned up a couple of days of leftovers, and i was lucky enough to either eat out or enjoy my Mother in Law's treats in the motel room(always go for the kitchenette at least.)
     I won't mention the motel or inn as they call themselves, it was just OK, could have been nicer for the price, even considering that I got one night free thanks to Groupon. So Please believe me when I recommend some attractions, shops, or restaurants. I might even sneak in a recipe.
     For me, the best restaurant was Gordi's Fish and Steak House. I had one of the best prime rib dinners I have ever had the pleasure to taste. It was still mooing as requested, seasoned just right with salt and pepper, and served with a good pilaf and some minced horseradish. This was fantastic vs. the usual horseradish mayo that many serve. The meat was juicy beyond description and had to be well over the 11 oz portion as listed on the menu. (probably should have gone for the 15 oz portion, Prime Rib is a special occasion after all.) The ladies enjoyed excellent fried clam plates and baked stuffed shrimp, and my son couldn't even finish the kid's portion Hot Fudge Sunday, which had more fudge than ice cream!
      This was our Sunday meal, which capped off a day of Zip Lining at Alpine Adventures and of course a trip to Whales Tale 
Water Park. Water parks are always a blast, but if you have never gone zip lining, please try it out, it was the coolest thing we have ever done on vacation. The folks at Alpine were great, and they have some sister locations as well.
     While that was our only dinner out, we did have some great lunches. Really good sandwiches & pizza can be found at Fresolones right off exit 33 on 93. We usually stay in Lincoln, and always end there for at least on great meal. Although we always try to do something new, there are some particular favorites that we always do. Attitash is always a fun trip and one of the regulars because of the varitey of activities, including giant slides, horseback riding, and of course, water slides.
     On the way back to the Kangamagus, we were all starving and I saw a sign that read "We Feed Families." Since I blog about feeding a family, I felt obligated to try Glen Junction Family Restaurant. Sometmes simplest is best, and their turkey club did not let me down, and thanks for having rye & swiss on hand. My wife had a really juice burger club, and the other ladies both enjoyed Lobster Benedict. i might have to try and make this one myself, maybe with crab legs for me. My son had one of the most delicious pancakes any of us had ever tasted, and it was so big that it was overflowing a full sized dinner plate. We are all still debating the merits of a great steak & seafood dinner vs. tremendous diner style fare, and it really is too close to call.

 It wouldn't be a trip to New Hampshire for our family without going to Clark's Trading Post. The segways are the new favorite, but bumper boats are still right up there. Of  course, you have to take a train ride and see the Wolf Man, that guy just won't go away. If you don't stop by the gift shop and treat yourself to at least a pound of fudge, your missing the best part.
 I did say i would sneak in a recipe, and this is a food blog. The first two nights we never really had dinner. My son was happy with either Nutella on toast or Lucky Charms, but the rest of us enjoyed my Mother in Law's olive tapenade. She simply takes...

2 cans black olives drained (that's right, breaking another rule and using canned olives, love'm),
Olive Oil
3 cloves of garlic,
2 tablespoons ground Parmesan,
1 anchovy  or pea sized drop of anchovy paste
pepper to taste

pulse lightly in the food processor, drizzling olive oil into processor for desired consistency

We devoured these on some skillet toasted italian bread, topped with some great Danish Blue Cheese from my friends at Salumeria Italiana. They are in Boston's North End, but they ship nation wide. When we really want the best cheeses and italian cold cuts, they are really the only place. If you are wondering why I recommend a high end deli to complement tapenade made from canned olives, like i said, its my mother in law's recipe, and she only uses the "good olives" whole as a snack, not in the tapenade. Please try it though, very delicious.


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