Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mockiyaki Budget Steak and Grilled Chicken

Grilled Mockiyaki Chuck Steak
I absolutely love teriyaki, but do not always have molasses on hand for a "true" teriyaki marinade. If you do, you want....

Soy Sauce- low sodium
Garlic- Fresh minced or Garlic Powder
Pickled Ginger - minced fine
Red Pepper Flake to taste
Black Pepper to taste.

I know there are no measurements, not uncommon in my kitchen. One of my biggest challenges writing recipes is deconstructing what i have done by sight, feel and taste for years into something that others can follow. I would start with about a half cup of soy, and just a tablespoon of molasses, a teaspoon of ginger and a dash of each seasoning.

I found some Chuck Steak, cut from the section just behind the rib eye, so its a delicious brother that needs a little treatment like the marinade. The chuck was half the cost of the rib eye. I pat the steaks dry with paper towel so they sear, and go about 5-7 minutes a side on a medium high grill for 1 1/2" steaks cooked medium rare. For chicken, i go about 8-10 minutes a side on a medium grill. Either way, let your meat rest a few minutes before slicing. Treat the chuck like a flank or skirt steak and cut against the grain for tender and delicious slices. The sweet potato side was rubbed lightly in olive oil, wrapped in foil and turned every ten minutes on the medium grill for 45 minutes.

My Mockiyaki is even simpler. In the freezer bags i use to marinade i squirt & add....

Grilled Mockiyaki Chuck Steak w Sweet Potato
 Soy Sauce- low sodium
 Sriracha - the Asian red hot pepper sauce
 Honey - always in the cupboard
 Pickled Ginger- mince
 Garlic Powder or Fresh Minced.

Shake all the ingredients in the sealed bag, add meat, and let sit overnight for best flavor. For those that have seen my stir fry method, you'll recognize thes ingredients.

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